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Divorce Mediation

We offer mediation services at Hasbun & Mendoza, PLLC. Many contested cases settle at mediation. Prior to appearing in front of a judge for a final hearing, the parties are required to attend mediation to try and resolve their case with the assistance of a mediator. A mediator is a neutral third party that will help the parties negotiate a fair and reasonable compromise of the pending issues. A fair settlement of the issues via mediation allows the parties to resolve the case on specific terms that they are comfortable with instead of facing the uncertainty of presenting the issue before a judge and allowing the judge to decided.

Moreover, a significant benefit of settling at mediation is that the litigation stops and the parties avoid the expense and headache of having to prepare and attend a trial. Our mediators have assisted many family law attorneys and litigants resolve their cases in a fair and quick manner. If you wish to schedule a mediation, please call our office today.


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