Paternity Opportunities to Establish Paternity A paternity action is the legal process which is used to determine the legal rights and obligations that unmarried parents will have over their legal child. Child support, parental responsibility, timesharing, and other financial obligations will be addressed in [...]



Mediation Divorce Mediation We offer mediation services at Hasbun & Mendoza, PLLC. Many contested cases settle at mediation. Prior to appearing in front of a judge for a final hearing, the parties are required to attend mediation to try and resolve their case with [...]



Divorce Filing for Divorce Whether you have made the decision to file for a divorce or your spouse has filed for divorce, we recommend that you hire an experienced divorce lawyer to provide you with legal advice and explain your legal rights. Emotionally, a divorce is one of the [...]

Child Custody


Child Custody One of the most common misconceptions of family law is the term “child custody“. In Florida, the term “child custody “ has been replaced with the term “timesharing”. The word “custody” implies that one parent will have superior parental rights over the children and previously there was a “primary residential” [...]



Adoption Adoption Stepparent Adoption We enjoy handling step-parent adoptions; typically the family unit has informally existed for years and the step-parent adoption allows these families to legally formalize their family unit and define their legal rights and obligations. A step-parent adoption is the legal [...]

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